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Want to spend less time on the sidelines?

sports physiotherapy Shailer ParkDaisy Hill Physio provides sports physiotherapy care to residents in Shailer Park and surrounding communities.

Accurate diagnosis, early management, and specific rehabilitation of sporting injuries are crucial in getting you back on the playing field quicker and in preventing injury recurrence.

At Daisy Hill Physiotherapy our therapists have a keen interest in and a comprehensive understanding of many different sports from involvement on the field, on the sideline and in the clinic.  This experience allows us (our team) to assess, diagnose and treat sporting injuries efficiently so as to allow you to return to your athletic endeavours sooner, more comfortably and safer.  Our Physiotherapists are experienced in both the conservative and post-operative management and rehabilitation of a wide range of sports injuries and musculo-skeletal sprains and strains.

Sports Injuries Commonly Treated at Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre include:

We utilise the most up to date diagnostic and treatment approaches to ensure your speedy recovery.  We are happy to liaise with coaches and clubs where necessary to help achieve the best recovery for you.

How do I book an appointment?

Contact us on 07 3209 2000 for session times.

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sports physio Shailer Park

About Daisy Hill Physio

The Physiotherapists in our clinic have expert knowledge in spinal, sports and post-surgical injury rehabilitation, and with over 20 years of physiotherapy experience.
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