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Daisy Hill Physiotherapy offer clinical pilates classes to local Logan residents.

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Clinical Pilates adapts the general exercise and health principles of Pilates into the physiotherapy framework of specific injury diagnosis and treatment.  Routines in clinical Pilates are tailored to your specific concerns without losing focus on the bigger health picture and the aim is always to achieve a significant and substantial functional improvement in the everyday activities that you enjoy.

The benefits of doing clinical Pilates is to give structure and routine to your rehabilitation that conventional exercise prescription does not allow for. In a broader context, Pilates as an ongoing maintenance program keep joints and muscles strengthened and functional, adding tone without muscle bulk. People that would benefit most from Pilates are those who suffer from postural problems, joint instabilities and other forms of muscle-mediated weakness.

Karly has been teaching clinical Pilates since 2010 for recreational and elite athletes, post-operative clients, post-pregnancy mums and general healthy ageing clients.  At Daisy Hill Physiotherapy Centre, he uses a combination of mat, band, circle, wunda chair and wall springs.

Private Health Fund rebates are available for Pilates when performed by a Registered Physiotherapists.  For further information on how Karly andClinical Pilates Logan Clinical Pilates can help you reach your health goals please contact us on 3209 2000.

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The Physiotherapists in our clinic have expert knowledge in spinal, sports and post-surgical injury rehabilitation, and with over 20 years of physiotherapy experience.
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