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Help for Jaw/Temporo-Mandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain in Daisy Hill

tmj pain daisy hillPain in the jaw and face can be a very uncomfortable experience.  Problems associated with the TMJ can be complex and pose a challenge for medical, dental and manual therapy practitioners.  The jaw is a common area that can be injured or sprained causing jaw pain or ache, ear pain, neck pain, headaches and facial pain.  Clenching or grinding of the teeth due to stress can cause spasm and pain in the muscles that control the jaw and may cause inflammation of other associated jaw joint structures.  This may lead to the disc within the joint being pulled out of place and result in a “clicking” jaw.  The TMJ can also be injured as a result of direct trauma such a punch to the jaw or face or impact from a fall or accident.

At Daisy Hill Physiotherapy we are able to assess the factors that can cause TMJ pain and disorders and provide treatment to normalise joint movement, function and relieve your pain.  To arrange an appointment to see us to discuss your problems call us on (07) 3209 2000.

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The Physiotherapists in our clinic have expert knowledge in spinal, sports and post-surgical injury rehabilitation, and with over 20 years of physiotherapy experience.
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