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At Daisy Hill Physiotherapy, our Clinic provides care to migraine & headache sufferers in the local Daisy Hill area as well as the surrounding suburbs of Springwood, Loganholme, Logan, Slacks Creek, Kingston, Woodridge, Chatswood Hills, Underwood, Runcorn, Meadowbrook, Marsden, Waterford, Eagleby & Holmview.

Headaches are an extremely common complaint, with many of us experiencing headache sensations regularly, and in some cases, constantly.  Tension headaches and migraines are the most widespread form of headache we see at Daisy Hill Physiotherapy.  However, there are many causes of headaches, including poor posture, stress, tension, accidents, medications, strong odours and environmental causes, as well as hormonal and dietary influences.

headaches in daisy hillAnother common cause of headaches, and one which is often overlooked, is dysfunction of the upper neck, including stiffness of the joints, tightness of the muscles and irritation of the nerves.  The nerves of the upper neck connect to the scalp and face, so that dysfunction or irritation in this area can often result in headache sensations.  Other symptoms can also include feelings of nausea, blurring of the vision and sometimes tingling sensations at the face. Most people are still able to function despite feelings of headaches, however some find they are unable to continue their daily activities until their symptoms have settled

At Daisy Hill Physiotherapy our physiotherapists can thoroughly examine the cervical spine to determine the involvement of the neck in these symptoms and implement a personalised treatment and rehabilitation regime to assist in restoring good movement and support for the neck, helping to eliminate your headaches. We will also provide you with postural advice and retraining, as well as ergonomic advice if it is deemed a contributing factor, to ensure you have the best possible chance of an outcome which is long lasting.

If you suffer from headaches and they are having an impact on your life, please contact us here or call the our team on 07 3209 2000 to arrange a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and get better control of your headaches so you can free yourself from this debilitating problem.

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